Bloody Heroes

I like the police, I like police blogs and I've worked with them a lot. They, like the NHS, are being stuffed over by the government - numbers cut, pensions stolen, creeping privatisation. I know that there are a few knobs let's face it there are knobs in any workforce. As I said to a student nurse this week, 'It's easy to be a shit nurse, and you won't get fired for being a shit nurse, only for being a criminally shit nurse, but do you really want to be a shit nurse?'. the same goes for the police, doctors, teachers and street cleaners.

Sadly a lot of people concentrate on the shit ones. Like a lot of (ex?)bloggers I like to redress the balance occasionally.

I was at work and was asked for some advice - six officers had brought in a patient who, in the grip of their mental illness, had waved a knife around and then, as the police arrived had slashed his own neck. The police officers, without the chance to put on gloves, splash googles, etc, had then rushed him to disarm him and stop him from killing himself. It turns out that the patient had some nasty blood-borne diseases and the officer wanted to know if they were at risk. Especially as one of the other officers had open wounds from a previous arrest.

These men and women had put themselves at considerable risk in order to stop someone killing themselves. Heroes the lot of them - but I doubt they'll be on the front page of the papers.

But you watch the government attack the police as they prepare to privatise them.