iTunes Playlists

The new release of iTunes has had me thinking about playlists. I'm largely bored by playlists, I'm sure that we all have them - playlists called 'At the Gym', or 'Walking to work', maybe 'In the bath', or even just 'Happy', 'Sad', or 'Romantic'.

I have playlists organised by decade, '80's', 90's and so on.

I think that we need a new way to think about playlists, one that will spark imagination rather than to just be a way of organising our tracks.

What sort of music would you put in the playlist 'My Nemesis is Dead at My Feet'?, how about 'Songs to play at my funeral', or even better 'Songs to *never* be played at my funeral'. What about playlists like 'Drinking champagne on the top of a tower block while pissing over the edge'? 'Being chased by remnant KGB assassins'? 'Songs that I sing aloud to when I'm drunk and alone'? Or even 'On discovering that I'm not actually human'?

How about 'Songs to commit serial murder by', or the more prosaic 'Soundtrack for my favourite book'?

What would be in your '24 hours until the planet explodes' playlist, or the much happier 'A meteorite wipes out the houses of parliament while every damn MP is in the building'?

What would be your playlist for 'Finally Achieve Godhead'?

Come on folks, let's be a bit more creative than 'Relaxing Toonz'.